Turn on...Tune in...Drop an octave

Our Message

Music can do more than most people believe it can. Yes, it’s entertaining. Yes, it can be an escape. However, it is also a universal language with the power to access parts of the soul that otherwise suffer in the shadows. We decided to call our musical group LightBody Sound to remind people of their souls — bodies made of light, bodies that deserve care, healing, and tenderness. Just like the power of music, the light body is often forgotten and neglected. We’re here to resolve both issues at once with transformative music that shows you how beautiful you truly are.

We’ve been making music for a long time, but we’ve always been aware of the higher calling within our art: to make the world a better place. We’re honored to enrich the lives of our listeners while making them laugh, smile, and ask questions. We don’t do this alone — we’re part of a larger family, a universe — this includes you. We will never forget this, and you’ll see it in our songs.

We’re on a journey of discovery, maximizing the power of music because we know how important it is to the wellbeing of real people like you. Listen with us, grow with us, and let’s walk this path together.