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Welcome to the wild world of LightBody Sound.

We would like to invite you to participate in a special, life-altering, extremely weird, titillating LIVE and ONLINE musical art installation immersive theater experience. Our goal with LightBody Sound is to solve all the world’s problems and allow all mankind to live in peace, free from pain and suffering.

We realize this sounds like a nuthouse goal, but let’s face it, our current worldwide situation seems awfully grim; human rights violations against immigrant families with children in the US, the commodification and lack of clean water for people all over the world, extreme starvation in many countries, unending wars, terrorism and gun violence. Just living in the good ol’ U. S. of A. and the world in general often feels like being tied up in a strait-jacket, eating some moldy spores and being forced to watch ‘War Of The Worlds’ on replay, not that we would know what that’s like we are just guessing.

Here are LightBody Sound we love the earth and all her inhabitants and we feel everyone deserves to live happily, peacefully and so much more than that.

If you know us at all, which you may be getting to for the first time, we are into some pretty lofty ideals! We believe you can change your physical reality by disciplining your thoughts. Think differently and you literally manifest miracles; the tough part is really believing and knowing it can happen and that’s where LightBody Sound comes into play. We create music, art and theater that can help you have a quantum shift in your belief system, so you too can create miracles and partner with us into transforming this seemingly sinking ship into an unstoppable space rocket of pure goodness, love, peace and joy.

We believe these often inconvenient skin suits that we are wearing, which we call bodies, are in actuality denser light and sound vibration.  We are actualizing our “LightBodies” through the power of sound and music. And no we are not some extreme cult; in fact, we both get kind of allergic or non-plussed around any type of organized spiritual institutions. For instance, Elizabeth’s hair starts smoking and you almost see her horns and Chris often drifts into a thousand-yard stare.

So, as you can see, we are all about the LightBody! Physics support the belief that atoms on the sub-atomic level are pure energy. We are all energy, we are all light, nothing is permanent and everything can be altered. This first step to start realizing your LightBody, and ultimately to not get sick, not suffer, not leave your body behind when passing through death is to believe you are a LightBody! This concept can take awhile to wrap one’s head around. You can start to believe this is true and when you do, amazing things start to happen, everything in your reality changes. You begin to finally get to the root of the life-long problems you have had because you realize you CAN change them, you don’t have to bury your head in the sand. Your life starts to change and your relationships improve, you love yourself more, you eat better, you feel better. Basically you don’t put up with any shit from yourself or anyone else because you realize you have the power to change whatever you encounter because you are a light being. And being connected to everything, you are also responsible for everything. The option of pointing the finger at the world for your problems disappears and you come face to face with the reality you created and the only solution for a better existence is you, the divine you.

This belief change can take some time, and it feels like time is running out. We believe the most powerful and expedient way to change our belief system and reality is through art and expression. We advocate and integrate meditative practice too, but our art is experiential music, visual art, movement, theatrical art, reaching the human heart and untangling clusters of emotion. When people feel an emotional shift they are motivated to think differently about what can be true for them. When people come face to face with their reality and are empowered to create something better, they can very quickly create real and lasting change.

Welcome to the online world of LightBody Sound. How soon it comes to life in your town, in a live art installation experience, well a lot of that is up to you.

LightBody Sound is a lot of things but the main point of it is to help ourselves and you come to grips with what the world is right now, help mankind see what it could be and bring people together in way so they have the resources, motivation, support and courage to move out of and unstrap themselves from the strait-jacket and change the channel on the ‘War Of The Worlds’ rerun. We are going to set up camp in Utopia, and build some shiny glorious castles to live in. We believe ALL deserve to live in shiny castles, no matter where you are or where you are from in the world.

So how are going to do this?

Well we all know a lot of people are scared: the news is so fucking scary and hardly anyone gives us any solutions on how to fix anything. Everything seems to feel helpless.

But… moving art, beautiful music, passionate theater, these are the mainstays of our society, the tenets of positive change in every culture since the beginning of time in recorded history. It’s how mankind has spoken out at the crusty and controlling status quo, while enlightening and inspiring everyday people to reach for something better for themselves and to BE THE CHANGE the creates real positive directions in the world.

LightBody Sound will move all over the world to inspire all to BE THE CHANGE through collaborative art, music making, theater and energy healing. We will create real pathways to co-create a beautiful new reality.

We are setting our sights on things like…

  • Live, interactive art installations in small towns, where people who lack a view of the world-at-large get a chance to see beyond what they know and learn who they could be.
  • Live immersive music concerts, to sing, dance, pray and open the intuitive channel to receive divine guidance and solutions.
  • Desert Sound Healing Broadcasts; picture a thousand voices singing in the desert and then sending that amplification out into space, to call to the Angels, ET’s and all beings centered in the Highest Good to help harmonize our species with Mother Gaia and her place in the universe.
  • Meetings of the Weird Minds – coming together of people to share their ideas for positive world change, backed by progressive business entities (like B corporations) who will take these ideas and turn them into a reality.

These are just a few of our ideas, but we are going to start very simply and WE WANT YOU! Yes, we want you to join us and partner with us from the very beginning. This is how we start…

While we are building the live experience partnerships and infrastructure to serve all of you, we have created a value-packed online experience, to help our tribe come together, so when we all meet in person, the experience will be even more rich and grand!

As with all tribes, everyone must contribute in some way, some tribe members need looking after and extra help, some tribe members have extra resources to share with others, the willingness to contribute love, compassion, resources, time and ideas is what makes a tribe truly great. As this is case we have different levels of tribe giving for everyone.

LightBody Sound.  Our motto is “Take your Body with You!”  And we mean that literally.